Sensory Floor Stickers for Kinesthetic Learning

Tao Nan School innovatively utilises floor stickers for Kinesthetic Learning.

Kinaesthetic learning, also known as tactile learning, is a teaching approach in which learning is accompanied by physical action, as opposed to sitting at a desk or gazing at a whiteboard. For example, having a hopscotch with numbers from 1 to 10 lets them have fun, learn to follow instructions, learn numbers as well as what order they’re in and also do physical exercise.

This is where Sensory Floor Stickers come in; instructing children to follow a trail, balance, jump and follow numbers/letters is a great approach to keep their minds engaged, develop motor skills and assist their learning.

The stickers are laminated with slip-resistant, scratch-resistant media which can withstand heavy traffic stepping on the stickers.

Price is based on size and quantity of the stickers.
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